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About Us

Who we are!

We are a small company looking to change how people buy their arts and crafts supplies. We are a customer first company driven by selling the highest quality products at the best price. We are always ready to help any customer create their masterpieces. Art is for everyone and it can be anything, we are here to help you explore, relax, and create your way. 

We work with only the best hand selected brands in the industry. We searched for months and couldn't find anyone trying to do what we are doing. We decided it was time to do it ourselves and create the arts and crafts company of the future. 

Our Top Brands 


Ranger Industries was founded in 1929 and creates some of the best ink in the industry


Unicorn Spit is one of the best paints on the market with gorgeous colors and unlimited uses. 

PTP Flash Deals 

Creating high quality accessoires and craft items  at the best prices. 


If you have any questions please contact us. We are always ready to help with questions or comments. Our online door is always open.