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Sparkling Unicorn SPiT Bundle All 6 Sparkle Colors (8oz) Sapphire Swift, Violet Vulture, Dolly Firebird, Golden Gosling, Lavish Lovebirds, Starling Sasha with 4 Page Guide Book

It's here - the Spit you've been waiting for! Unicorn Spit Sparkling Paint - it will add Sparkle to your Projects! UNICORN SPIT GEL STAIN AND GLAZE IN ONE! UNICORN SPiT allows anyone to turn ordinary objects into personalized MASTERPIECES! Use on wood, glass, metal, fabric, pottery, wicker, concrete and laminate. Ideal for creating new - or - refinishing thousands of projects. Excellent for Crafters, Makers, Hobbyists, DIYers and Pros too! What makes UNICORN SPiT so special? It can be used as a PAINT or dilute it with water to create a GEL, GLAZE, STAIN, WHITE WASH or ANTIQUING TINT…What substrates does UNICORN SPiT work on? Wood, Glass, Metal, Fabric, Pottery, Wicker, Concrete, Laminate and more! Can UNICORN SPiT be used outdoors? Yes. Make sure to protect your masterpiece first with finishes/coatings that are oil-based. Water-based coatings will alter the look of Unicorn SPiT. For a high gloss finish, seal with Famowood Glaze Coat. For better protection and a higher gloss, repeat coats of sealer as indicated on the product’s instructions. High Gloss Sealers will help achieve a three dimensional look. Will UNICORN SPiT applied to fabric be water resistant and machine washable? Yes, but it must be treated first. Use a product intended for waterproofing fabric after Unicorn SPiT has completed dried. Can custom colors be created? Yes. Mix Unicorn SPiT colors together to create your own special color OR mix most any water-based paint (chalk style or mineral based) with Unicorn SPiT to create custom colors.

  • PAINT, GEL STAIN and GLAZE in One!
  • SPARKLING, VIBRANT COLORS - Six 8oz bottles of vibrant, sparkle colors - Unicorn Spit Paint- Sparkle 8oz Collection - Dolly Firebird, Golden Gosling, Lavish Lovebirds, Sapphire Swift, Starling Sasha, Violet Vulture
  • MOST ANY SURFACE - Penetrates deep into the bare wood grain or glazes over existing finishes, brightens and highlights chalk paint, and provides a 3-D dimensional effect
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES - Use as a paint or dilute with water to create a gel, glaze, stain, white wash, or antique tint!
  • EXCLUSIVE GUIDE -Includes helpful guide exclusive only with this listing